Crop Science Graduate Student Scholarship


The Crop Science Graduate Student Scholarship is provided to a meritorious graduate student in crop science. The scholarship is supported by gifts from the Gerald O. Mott family to the Agronomic Science Foundation and administered by the Crop Science Society of America.


If you have any questions about submission, please contact Rachel Leege at 608-268-4949.

Nominations Opened: Feb 1, 2017 - 8:00 AM CST
Nominations initiated by: Apr 5, 2017 - 4:00 PM CDT
2 Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by: Apr 12, 2017 - 4:00 PM CDT

In 2017, CSSA will award three scholarships at $4,000 each.


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  1. This award allows self-nominations.
  2. Former recipients of this Award are not eligible.
  3. Members of this CSSA Awards Committee and the CSSA Board of Directors are not eligible to be a nominee for this award.
  4. Nominees will have completed at least one year of graduate work leading to a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in a field of emphasis within any of the CSSA divisions.
  5. Nominees will have outstanding potential for leadership.
  6. Nominees will be graduate students at U.S. institutions.
  7. Nominees are required to be CSSA or ASA members.


  1. One of the Reference Letters must be submitted by the Department Head/Chair or Director of Graduate Studies.
  2. Members of this CSSA Awards Committee, the CSSA Board of Directors, and also the ASA Executive Committee are not eligible to be a reference for this award.



  1. Degrees Received
    Give major/minor field, date, and institution and grade point average for each degree.
  2. Teaching Activities
    List courses taught as a laboratory or teaching assistant. Describe the course(s) and the applicant's responsibilities and evidence of effectiveness, i.e., student evaluations, supervisor evaluations, and teaching materials developed (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  3. Research
    List research contributions. a. Provide listing and evaluation of basic and/or applied research activities with emphasis on significance, impact, originality, creative reasoning. b. Other related research activities. (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  4. Bibliography
    List professional publications and presentations. Give complete bibliography in the form of literature citations. (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  5. Leadership
    List leadership, activities, and professional contributions. (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  6. Service and Extension-type Contributions
    List service and extension-type contributions (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  7. Academic Achievements
    List honors and awards with date received. Provide a brief description of thesis or dissertation problem. (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  8. Summary
    In this section, summarize primary achievements, skills, competencies, and qualifications for this award. (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)