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Recently Added

Dryland Soil Carbon and Nitrogen after Thirty Years of Tillage and Cropping Sequence Combination
Upendra M. Sainju, Brett A. Allen, Thecan Caesar-TonThat and Andrew W. Lenssen
Crop Management for Increasing Rice Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Northeast China
Xianlong Peng, Yanming Yang, Cailian Yu, Linan Chen, Mingcong Zhang, Zhilei Liu, Yankun Sun, Shenguo Luo and Yuanyin Liu
Variation among Cowpea Genotypes in Sensitivity of Transpiration Rate and Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation to Soil Drying
Thomas R. Sinclair, Anju Manandhar, Nouhoun Belko, Mandeep Riar, Vincent Vadez and Philip A. Roberts
Characterizing Changes from a Century of Genetic Improvement of Soybean Cultivars in Northeast China
Tingting Wu, Shi Sun, Caijie Wang, Wencheng Lu, Bincheng Sun, Xiqing Song, Xiaozeng Han, Tai Guo, Weiqun Man, Yanxi Cheng, Jianguang Niu, Lianshun Fu, Wenwen Song, Bingjun Jiang, Wensheng Hou, Cunxiang Wu and Tianfu Han
Genetic Characterization and Mapping of Anthracnose Resistance of Common Bean Landrace Cultivar Corinthiano
Lorenna L. Sousa, Aline O. Gonçalves, Maria C. Gonçalves-Vidigal, Giselly F. Lacanallo, Andrea C. Fernandez, Halima Awale and James D. Kelly
Soybean Yield Response to Rhizobia Inoculant, Gypsum, Manganese Fertilizer, Insecticide, and Fungicide
Grace M. Bluck, Laura E. Lindsey, Anne E. Dorrance and James D. Metzger
Corn Residue Management Strategies to Improve Soybean Yield in Northern Climates
Michael Vanhie, William Deen, Horst Bohner and David C. Hooker