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FEATURED STORY: Winter pulse, spring harvest. Read here.

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Winter pulse, spring harvest
Sayonara, kudzu bug?
Hashtags, turf, and classrooms

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Optimum Poultry Litter Rates for Maximum Profit versus Yield in Cotton Production
Haile Tewolde, Michael R. McLaughlin, Thomas R. Way and Johnie N. Jenkins
Effect of Metal Ions on the Formation of Trichloronitromethane during Chlorination of Catechol and Nitrite
Guojuan Gan, Rongwu Mei, Lin Qiu, Huachang Hong, Qingjun Wang, Asit Mazumder, Shikai Wu, Xiangliang Pan and Yan Liang
Quantifying the Potential Yield and Yield Gap of Chinese Wheat Production
Baohua Liu, Liang Wu, Xinping Chen and Qingfeng Meng
Performance of Limpograss Breeding Lines under Various Grazing Management Strategies
Marcelo O. Wallau, Lynn E. Sollenberger, João M.B. Vendramini, Carlos A.M. Gomide, M. Kimberly Mullenix and Kenneth H. Quesenberry