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More for less in pastures
Upstream trenches, downstream nitrogen
Agroforestry helps farmers branch out

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Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping for Appearance Quality in Short-Grain Rice
Liping Dai, Lan Wang, Yujia Leng, Yaolong Yang, Lichao Huang, Long Chen, Yuqiong Wang, Deyong Ren, Jiang Hu, Guanghen Zhang, Li Zhu, Longbiao Guo, Qian Qian and Dali Zeng
Nitrogen Release Dynamics and Decomposition of Buried and Surface Cover Crop Residues
E. Jahanzad, A. V. Barker, M. Hashemi, T. Eaton, A. Sadeghpour and S. A. Weis
Reinventing Potato as a Diploid Inbred Line–Based Crop
Shelley H. Jansky, Amy O. Charkowski, David S. Douches, Gabe Gusmini, Craig Richael, Paul C. Bethke, David M. Spooner, Richard G. Novy, Hielke De Jong, Walter S. De Jong, John B. Bamberg, A. L. Thompson, Benoit Bizimungu, David G. Holm, Chuck R. Brown, Kathleen G. Haynes, Vidyasagar R. Sathuvalli, Richard E. Veilleux, J. Creighton Miller, Jim M. Bradeen and Jiming Jiang
Total Phosphorus Concentration Trends in 40 Iowa Rivers, 1999 to 2013
Chao Wang, Kung-Sik Chan and Keith E. Schilling