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HIA, ASA, CSSA, and Univ. of KY bring together industrial hemp science, industry, and policy experts. “Share the Vision” , Sept 8-11, Lexington, KY


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Soil Greenhouse Gases: Relations to Soil Attributes in a Sugarcane Production Area
Elton da Silva Bicalho, Mara Regina Moitinho, Daniel De Bortoli Teixeira, Alan Rodrigo Panosso, Kurt Arnold Spokas and Newton La Scala
Tile Drainage Nitrate Losses and Corn Yield Response to Fall and Spring Nitrogen Management
Cameron M. Pittelkow, Matthew W. Clover, Robert G. Hoeft, Emerson D. Nafziger, Jeffery J. Warren, Lisa C. Gonzini and Kristin D. Greer
Soil Organic Carbon Changes Impacted by Crop Rotational Diversity under No-Till Farming in South Dakota, USA
Abdullah Alhameid, Mostafa Ibrahim, Sandeep Kumar, Peter Sexton and T.E. Schumacher
Greenhouse Gas Emissions after Application of Landfilled Paper Mill Sludge for Land Reclamation of a Nonacidic Mine Tailings Site
Patrick Faubert, Simon Durocher, Normand Bertrand, Rock Ouimet, Philippe Rochette, Pascal Tremblay, Jean-François Boucher and Claude Villeneuve