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Ellen Bergfeld, PhD; 608-268-4979

Wes Meixelsperger
Chief Financial Officer; 608-268-4958

Sara Uttech
Senior Manager – Governance and Membership; 608-268-4948


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Agronomic Science Foundation

Ellen Bergfeld; 608-268-4979


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International Certified Crop Adviser (CCA)/
Certified Professional Agronomist (CPAg)

Certified Professional Soil Scientist/Classifier (CPSS/CPSC)

Contact the representative for your state, province, or country:

Luther Smith
Director of Professional Development and Business Relations; 608-268-4977

Lacey Edwardson
Certification Representative for ARGENTINA, AK, AL, AR, AZ, BC, CA, CO,
FL, GA, ID, LA, MEXICO, MO, MS, MT, NC, NM, NV, OK, OR, SC, TX, UT, WA, WY;; 608-268-4953

Marta McCoy
Certification Manager
Representative for IA, MN, WI;; 608-268-4955

Penny Magana
Certification Representative for AB, CT, DE, IL, IN, INDIA, KS, KY, MA, MB, MD, ME, MI, NB, ND, NE, NF, NH, NJ, NS, NY, OH, ON, PA, PE, RI, SD, SK, TN, VA, VT, WV;; 608-268-4954

Eric Welsh
Program Manager-Marketing and Business Relations; 608-273-8081


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Education and Credentialing Exams

Michele Lovejoy
Program Manager, Professional Development; 608-268-4947

Luther Smith
Director of Professional Development and Business Relations; 608-268-4977

Clay Robinson, CCA-NM and CPSS
Agronomy and Soil Science Education Manager; 608-268-3982

Dawn Gibas, PhD, CPSS and PSS
Assessment Specialist; 608-819-3900


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Wes Meixelsperger
Chief Financial Officer; 608-268-4958

Lynne Navis
Accounting Manager; 608-268-4961

Janet Riley
Accountant; 608-268-4960

Priscilla Westra
Financial Services Manager; 608-268-4941


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Ian Popkewitz
Director of IT and Operations; 608-268-4940

Dan Bank
Programmer; 608-268-3978

Chad Bishop
Lead Programmer; 608-268-4944

Keith Lovejoy
Support Services Representative; 608-268-4946

Steven Ceithamer
Developer; 608-268-3984


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Wes Meixelsperger
Director of Meetings; 608-268-4958

Nathan Ehresman
Technical Program and Communications Manager; 608-268-4942

Stacey Giesen
Meetings Manager; 608-268-3975

Brett Holte
Exhibits Manager; 608-268-3970

Jeanne Pluemer
Senior Meetings Manager; 608-268-4962

Eric Welsh
Program Manager – Marketing and Business Relations; 608-273-8081


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Member Services

Susan Chapman
Director of Member Services; 608-268-4951

Sara Uttech
Senior Manager - Governance and Membership; 608-268-4948

Rebecca Polk
Manager - Membership Programs, Marketing and Communications; 608-268-3972

Emily Fuger
Manager - Student & Early Career Activities; 608-268-4949

Jenna LaFave
Membership & Certification Representative; 608-273-4972

Judy Robinson
Membership & Certification Representative; 608-268-4952

Aaron Matthews
Membership & Certification Assistant; 608-268-3974


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Public & Science Communications

Susan Fisk
Public & Science Communications Director; 608-273-8091

Martha Pings
Public & Science Communications Coordinator; 608-268-3976

Pat Scullion
Staff Artist; 608-268-4964


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Bill Cook- Advertising/Exhibits/Sponsorships
Publications Director; 608-268-4974

Lisa Al-Amoodi
Managing Editor, Books, Monographs, Special Publications,
Vadose Zone Journal, Books, Crop, Forage & Turfgrass Management; 608-268-4971

Karen Brey, Graphic Artist

Ann Edahl
Managing Editor, Journal of Environmental Quality and
Journal of Plant Registrations; 608-268-4970

Susan Ernst
Managing Editor, Agronomy Journal, Natural Sciences Education; 608-268-4965

Rebecca Funck
Managing Editor, Soil Science Society of America Journal; 608-268-4969

Liz Gebhardt
Managing Editor, Crop Science, The Plant Genome,
Urban Agriculture & Regional Food Systems; 608-268-4950

Brett Holte
Publications Systems Manager; 608-268-3970

Tyson Himes
Publications Systems Assistant; 608-268-4976

Tracy Hmielowski
Science Editor-CSA News; 608-268-3973

Marie Johnston
Assistant Editor; 608-268-4975

Emily Mueller
Managing Editor, Journal of Animal Science; 608-268-3988

Tricia Newell
Publications Marketing Coordinator; 608-268-4967

Matt Nilsson
Managing Editor, CSA News, Crops & Soils, and Animal Frontiers; 608-268-4968


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Science Policy

ASA, CSSA, SSSA Science Policy Office, 502 C St. NE | Washington DC 20002

Karl Anderson
Director of Government Relations; 202-408-5382

Bethany Johns
Science Policy Manager; 202-408-4781

Julie McClure
Science Policy Manager; 202-735-5904
Twitter: @McClurePhD