Divisions and Sections

Each of the Societies host subsets of people in groups that share similar interests and often careers. In the American Society of Agronomy, these groups are called "communities." In the Soil Science Society of America and the Crop Science Society of America theses groups are called "divisions". You do not have to be a professional to join one of these, in fact student participation in Divisions and Communities is highly encouraged. For students, it can be a chance to find out more information on a specific field to see if it sparks your interest, it can also be a networking opportunity to find a graduate advisor in your intended field of study or what kind of jobs are offered in the fields that interest you.

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Quick Facts:

  • You can join as many divisions and communities as you like as long as you are a member of that Society.
  • You do not have to be a member of given divison or community to attend one of their sessions or meetings at the annual meetings.
  • You do have to be a member of the division or community to vote or hold a leadership position.