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SASES is an affiliation of agronomy, crops, soils, plant science, or environmental science clubs and their undergraduate student members from colleges and universities across the global (primarily in the United States and Canada at this time). Student clubs choose to affiliate with SASES and petition SASES to become an affiliated chapter. There are no fees to affiliate with SASES, the only requirement is that chapter members become individual student members of ASA , CSSA, or SSSA.

SASES Chapter Information

SASES is composed of individual members and affiliated clubs located at colleges and universities that provide a curriculum in agronomy, crops, soils, and environmental sciences. A variety of programs and activities are offered on the local and national level for students to become professionally involved and to prepare for their future careers. We encourage you to meet our student leaders, explore our meetings and contests, and discover the many chapters that make our organization a success!

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Spring (Regional) Meeting

2018 Spring (Regional) Meeting will be held (dates to be determined)

Host : University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agronomy Club


Is your club interested in hosting a Spring Regional Meeting?

See the items below for more information.

For bidding schools interested in presenting their bid in person, that opportunity takes place at the Officer's Meeting at the Spring Regional Meeting.  For bidders that cannot make it to the meeting, the same opportunity will be arranged via video conference.Presenters will have up to 5 minutes to present the most compelling parts of their bid and up to 10 minutes for Question and Answer.


Submit your Regional bid now. (closed for 2018)


Guidelines for Submitting a bid(PDF)

Wisconsin's winning 2015 bid(PDF)

Texas A&M's winning 2013 bid(PDF)

Iowa State's winning 2012 bid(PDF)