Crop Science Society of America sends GMO labeling feedback to USDA

The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has less than one year left to create a national standard for GMO labeling under the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard law that Congress passed in July 2016.  How to go about labeling GMOs is not a strictly scientific question, but, nevertheless, AMS would like its decisions on labeling to be informed by science.  AMS is not a scientific agency itself, so it has asked stakeholders to weigh in as it puts this new rule together.  The Crop Science Society of America responded to this call with a letter detailing which breeding techniques AMS should consider “conventional” and which modifications AMS should consider to be “found in nature.”  The letter also included advice for AMS to avoid requiring disclosure for foods that contain highly refined products, such as oils or sugars, citing precedents in pharmaceuticals, cheese, and alcohol.