Business Meetings


2008 Division C02 Business Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, 7 October 2008
Convened at 1:35 PM in Room 372F, George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX
Dr. Diane Rowland presiding
Dr. Rowland opened the meeting by welcoming everybody. The minutes from last year’s business meeting were presented. A motion to accept the minutes was made, seconded and passed.
Dr. Tom Gerik, Division C02 Representative to the Board of Directors, reported on restructuring of dues that would encourage membership in multiple societies. The base annual rate of $90 would remain, but the dues for two or three society memberships would be discounted by $35 and $50, respectively. The Tri-societies were expected to end 2008 with an $85,000 surplus.
Dr. Gerik reported that the Tri-societies Headquarters will move to a new management entity called Access with three executives. Headquarters would lead and oversee operations in Madison. This structure would allow Headquarters to develop programs rather than to manage the Tri-societies. Each society will be charged proportionally for its services. Some concern was raised that the new management structure might cause more competition among societies as well as among divisions within societies.
The incoming Division C02 President, Dr. Ken Quesenberry, recognized the services of Dr. Rowland as the 2008 Division C02 Chair.
Dr. Rowland reported that there were seven posters and seven oral presentations in the 2008 graduate student presentation competition. The joint Division C02 and C04 sessions for graduate student presentations were discussed, and it was decided to keep this collaboration at least for now. The need for a Division C02 poster and a mission statement was mentioned.
Dr. Rowland introduced Dr. Bjorn Martin, incoming Division C02 Chair, and Dr. Jim Heitholt, Division C02 Chair Elect. The incoming C2 representative to the CSSA board is Dr. Randy Wells.
Dr. Rowland thanked Dr. Martin for his work with the inaugural Martin and Ruth Massengale lectureship award. The award provides $1,500 per year for an invited speaker. The inaugural speaker, Dr. Richard Richards, CSIRO, Australia, was invited by Division C02, but the invitation will rotate to Division C04 and C06 at the next two annual meetings.
Dr. Rowland brought back an idea from an ecophysiology meeting in Australia of a CSSA-organized small meeting specifically on crop physiology that would encourage graduate student participation. How often such meetings might be held, and the possible conflict with the main Trisocieties meeting and with the regional CSSA meetings were discussed. A committee was formed to explore a separate meeting on crop physiology.
Dr. Heitholt reported on suggestions received from Division C02 members for symposia and session topics for the 2009 annual meeting.
Dr. Sarah Lingle told that she can no more publish her work in Crop Science because of the high cost. Dr. Gheric responded that about 70% of CSSA’s revenues come from society journals and that the goal for the journals is just to break even.
Dr. Bill Wiebold thanked Dr. Gherik for having served on the Budget and Finance Committee.
Dr. Giovanni Piccinni raised the issue of the decline in Division C04 papers published in Crop Science. Dr. Gherik felt this is an issue for Division C04, and that discontinuing the division would result in loss of one person on the Board of Directors. It was proposed to leave joint Division C02 and C04 activities the way they currently are.
Dr. Rowland adjourned the business meeting.





Business Meetings

2000 Business Meeting
Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2000
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, MN - Nicollet Ballroom D, Lobby Level

Reception follows conclusion of meeting

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1999 Business Meeting


CO2 Business Meeting

Tuesday, 2 November 1999

Salt Lake City, UT

Convened at 4:45 p.m. in Room 150B, Salt Place Convention Center

Chaired by Dr. Mark Westgate

30 Members present

  1. Dr. Westgate opened the meeting.  Welcomed everyone.  Introduced Division officers and presented minutes of last year’smeetings for approval.
  2. Dr. Westgate reported on the CSSA Board meeting on Monday 1 November 1999and brought forward items to be acted upon by C-2 members asfollows:
    1. The CSSA Board approved new Publication Fees for Crop Science to offset project revenue losses.  The Fees, $200 per full manuscript and $100 per germplasm registration for members and $300 per full manuscript and $200 per germplasm registration for non-members, will be instituted on 1 January 2000.  The CSSA Board requested that each Division ratify this change in Crop Science policy.  Dr. Don Vietor moved to ratify this change, and Dr. Dan Knievel seconded the motion.  Ensuing discussion centered on Crop Science’s inability to attract advertising comparable to Agronomy Journal to help offset production costs.  It was the opinion of many present that C-2 Division officers inform the CSSA Board and Crop Science Staff of members interest in seeing more aggressive actions to increase advertising revenue for Crop Science.  Question was called.  Motion Passed by voicevote.  
    2. Crop Science Editorial Board requested a change from the use two colors to four colors on the cover of Crop Science.  The proposed change would enable Crop Science Staff to better match color pictures used on the front cover with the Journal’s color scheme.  The change would increase production costs about $750 per issue, but would also allow for full color advertising on the rear cover and it is hoped that additional advertising revenue would be generated to cover the additional cost.  Dr. Sara Lingle moved to allow Crop Science to use a four-color scheme on the Journal’s cover.  Dr. Thijs Tollenaar seconded the motion.  Motion passed byvoice vote.
    3. Announced the new name for Division C-6—Forage and Grazinglands.
    4. With the change in the name of Division C-6 grain and crop quality papers and scientists do not have a formal division home in CSSA.  Dr. Vietor moved to recommend to the CSSA Executive Committee that Division C-2 be designated the home for crop/grain quality and that this could be accommodated by the change of C-2 from Crop Physiology and Metabolism  to Crop Physiology, Metabolism, and Quality.  Dr. Tollenaar seconded the motion.  Drs. Volenec and Wilhelm voiced sympathy and concern for the treatment of Crop and Grain Quality scientists and papers in CSSA, but did not think that C-2 Division was the appropriate home.  Others voice similar concerns.  Question was called and motion failed on voice vote.  Dr. Volenec moved that we request the CSSA Board find a satisfactory home in CSSA for Crop and Grain Qualityscientists and papers by the end of 2000.  Dr. Wilhelm seconded.  Motion carried by voice vote.
    5. Informed members that Divisions C-1, and C-7 requested to add the Registration of ‘Mapping Populations’ in Crop Science.  The CSSA Board would be considering this at the next meeting.  Therewas no discussion related to impending Board action.
    6. The American Society of Agronomy has requested the creation of a new Division (A-9) to accommodate farm advisors and technical consultants.  The Division would be installed on a 2-year provisional basis, if approved by the Tri-societies.  It was suggested name of the Division was “Agricultural Advising,” but many thought this name conflicted with academic advising and ASA Board was open to suggestions.  Dr. Vietor moved that we support creation of a new Division, A-9, “Agricultural Advising,” if approved by the ASA Board.  Dr.Bennett seconded the motion.  Motion carried by voice vote.
  1. In other business Dr. Westgate presented the following:
    1. The “Technical Editors’ report.  He said he had made good progress in publishing the papers presented in the 1998 Symposium, “Limitations to Crop Yield,” as a CSSA Special Publication.  However, CSSA was losing money on Special Publication and the CSSA Executive Committee and Crop Science Editor would be strictly enforcing CSSA Policy regarding future CSSA Special Publications.  Future publications must be deemed profitable and publishedin a timely manner.
    2. Requested members present to give suggested symposium topics for2000 to Dr. Thijs Tollenaar.
    3. Requested members to think about C-2 Division’s Stars of the Millennium.  ASA President-elect, Vern Cardwell wishes to identify and honor the “Stars” who propelled our science the past century at the 2000 Tri-Society Meetings in Minneapolis.  Please give yournames of persons or discoveries to Dr. Tom Gerik.
    4. Poster format.  Informed the members that there was some confusion regarding poster size.  Several posters at the meeting were not properly sized.  The half-size poster area available for C-2 posters is not 48 x 48 inches, but is 44 x 44 inches. This was communicated in correspondence with authors prior tothe meeting, but problems still arose.
    5. CSSA membership initiative.  The CSSA Executive Committee planned a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Evening at 7:00 p.m. in Ballroom B of the Salt Palace Convention Center.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform CSSA members about the serious decline in membershipand to generate ideas that could reverse the situation.
    6. Agronomic Science Foundation.  Encouraged all to participate by contributing to the AgronomicScience Foundation.
    7.  Announced that he was seeking input to nominations for C-2 Division Chair elect and encouragedmembers to volunteer for CSSA committees.

Dr. Westgate announced that his concluded his duties as Chair of Division C-2.  Dr. Gerik thanked Dr. Westgate for all his work for C-2 the past two years and called for a round of applause.  The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Thomas J. Gerik

CSSA Division Chair, C-2 1999-2000